A database of start-ups advancing racial equity and highlighting areas for innovation.

<aside> 🌍 Racial Inequity Drawdown (RID) is an educational database and call-to-action for prospective founders, investors, and current founders curious about entrepreneurship reducing racial inequities. Inspired by Project Drawdown: an approachable list of climate solutions, and Y Combinator's Request for Start-ups: a list of start-up ideas for prospective founders, RID provides a solutions-first approach by listing key entrepreneurial spaces in need of innovation around racial equity, alongside existing start-ups. Incubated at Fifty Years and currently led by undergrad Admins.


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Intro & Methodology

Key Vocabulary

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How to use this database:

  1. Students: Explore! Read! Learn about start-ups advancing racial equity.
  2. Founders & Future Founders: Uncover areas that need innovation, connect with other start-ups.
  3. VCs & Investors: Better integrate racial equity into your funding strategy. Learn what areas of innovation to keep an eye out for.

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Start-ups & Areas for Innovation

Learn more about the Framework for these three pillars!

Health & Wellbeing

Food Access

Access to Healthcare

Reproductive Health

Mental Health

Substance Use Disorders

Equality of Opportunity

Early Childhood

K-12 and Higher Education


Financial Empowerment

Criminal Justice

Sustainable Systems

Housing & Cities


Air Pollution


Circular Economies

Data & Privacy

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